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2017 Full Day Summer Camp

The CEC Full day summer camp program is for children who have just completed Kindergarten to 5th grade. Our program focuses on social and academic readiness in a fun and active environment that allows each child to know his or her special place in God’s world.

Summer Camp Program

K-5th grade

**Tuition is due May 23 , June 26 and July 24**
  • Summer camp begins: *May 23rd
  • Summer camp ends: August 11th
  • Three day minimum for all summer camp students.


  • Time:
    • 7:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday
  • Tuition:
    •    $23/day for first child
      •  $18/day for each sibling
      • Sibling discounts apply only to multiple students attending summer camp and do not include those attending preschool summer care.
  • Supply Fee:
    • $60 for the summer ($20/month)
  • Lunch  :
    • Each student should pack a healthy lunch each day. Lunches should include on serving from each major food group
    • snacks will be provided